Charity Fund

Morecambe Road Charity Fund

Morecambe Road Fund is the registered charity for the school fund. Through this fund we raise money to meet the objectives of the charity: that is enriching the lives of the pupils at Morecambe Road through inclusive activities and opportunities. These include sporting achievements, extra curricular activities, residential outdoor education trips, development of the school facilities to encourage independence and improve self esteem.

Charity Registration Number : 1138046

The Morecambe Road Fund is a registered with the Big Give.

The Big Give makes it easy for people to find and support charities and projects that suit their interests. Essentially, the Big Give is a search engine and a secure way for anyone to give to the charities of their choice. However, the Big Give goes far beyond the provision of a donation platform.

They aim to:

  • Promote intelligent giving
  • Make your donation go further than ever before
  • Help you find and support new charities by giving more than just money